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Car Dealerships and Sales Reps. Attract More Customers With A

Virtual Photo Booth Campaign

Virtual Photo Booth Strategies for Dealerships & Reps

Small Call to Action Headline

Customer Shares

Show Off Whats New

New Car Owners


No App To Download Required

The Marketing Cycle

Increase audience Engagement

Amplify Social Reach

Boost Campaign and Event ROI

Streamline User Generated Content

Streamline User Generated Content

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Work with our team to customize

a strategy for you and your specific audience

Step 2

Incorporate a virtual photo booth into your event or campaign marketing with links, QR codes, embeds, and a dedicated microsite.

Step 3

Start collecting user-generated content then promote, incentivize, and share to amplify your reach.

Step 4

Keep the impact going by highlighting the gallery, or slideshow,

Don't Take Our Word For It!


We had this at my sisters wedding last night and it was so awesome! Everyone loved it! Justin took care of EVERYTHING and we didn’t have to worry about a thing.

The photos turned out so good and we are so happy with how fun it was and how great and professional Justin was ! Worth every penny! I highly highly recommend Border City Photo Booth for any wedding or special event.



Hello My name is Justin Parker . The idea of starting a Photo Booth business came to me after my sisters wedding. One of the most beautiful weddings where the fine details were a priority for her.

When deciding on what type of photo booth, I chose the Mirror Booth because it is like a piece of art You can have it blend in so it's not an eyesore, but at the same time it stands out as it is so stunning! It fit's in smaller spaces where a traditional photo booth may not.

Aside from the looks, we were amazed at how much fun a photo booth actually is. It brought people together to laugh and have fun! That's what stood out to me the most.

I wanted to share that experience with others. I pride myself in providing our clients with an incredible photo booth experience that they will always remember.

Are You Looking To Ad A Little More Fun To Your Event?

The Mirror Booth Photo Booth Is The Definition of Fun!

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